Instructions for use UpSize

Instructions for use UpSize

In accordance with the regulation on the application of the cream UpSize it should be applied on clean skin in the chest. It is best to carry out the procedure, after the shower before bed and again in the morning. After the application of the tool to help you achieve the effect, it is necessary to massage each breast not less than 5 minutes. Now you must wait for the cream to penetrate. At the end of the procedure, return to gently massage the contour of the bust.

The tool starts working after the first application. In the composition of the UpSize contains components that occur in the body in a different way. The main feature is that they reinforce the action of the other.

Some of the components responsible for the breast augmentation, while others help to improve the shape, and consequently, the bust looks more attractive, which show customers on the internet.


The tool has been developed for any woman who wants to improve the external state of the breast. This topic, sooner or later, it refers to each woman. The problem of the bust, has lost the way, one of the most relevant in our time. Therefore, the majority of women reflect seriously on the plastic. The cream for breast enlargement UpSize — it is an excellent alternative intervention.

Specialists recommend this method:

  1. Women after the age of 30 who want to rejuvenate and tighten the décolleté.
  2. Mothers, completed the production of milk and wishing to return to its former beauty.
  3. Girls not happy with their forms and who wish to achieve a breast augmentation natural methods, without resorting to surgery operations.
  4. Apply cream advise if there are problems in the neck:
  5. The skin hanging down,
  6. The appearance of wrinkles and stretch marks,
  7. The chest of the low, the muscles have lost their tone,the
  8. The size small.


Cream UpSize breast augmentation can be used for women over the age of 20 years. During the course, you must carefully observe your health. Although the girl, tried the tool, no side effects were observed. In its composition there are no harmful elements that may have negative effects on the health of the woman.

The only contraindication may be the period of lactation. The components of the cream can reach the milk and not by the reactions of the child.